Photography - Abstracts, Landscapes, Mixed-Media,

Travel photography, Wildlife, Natural Patterns and Water Reflections

My art primarily features landscape photography and digital mixed-media.  Nature is the main element.  Photography allows me to capture an instant in time and focus on visually  interesting subjects, patterns, shapes, light, and colors.  Some of my  images intentionally look like paintings.  My art is displayed in many homes and offices.

San Juan River side canyon
Reflections in the water

Susie  Gillatt

    I began photographing and experimenting with different types of media in college, perhaps secretly wanting to become a painter.  With a visual design in response to the subject, I sometimes add other mediums to transform my photographs into even more personal and unique works of art.  Many of my digital paintings are created to look like dreamy, watercolor landscapes.  A series of abstract photographs creates a dynamic display of the beautiful and intricate designs found in nature.  

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona.  My education also included studying photography at the Banff Centre in Canada, and under Louis Carlos Bernal at Pima Community College.  I worked as a photographer and in different capacities in the field of video production.  In 1989, Terra Chroma, Inc. was created as a multi-media studio. After initially specializing in the production of educational videos, my focus is now on photography and scientific illustrations for academic books and journals.  For my own art, I especially enjoy combining photography with other mediums.  My award-winning art has been displayed in galleries in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

Death Valley