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Prayer flags in Bhutan
sonoran desert in the spring, Arizona
Clouds near the Hermosa Cliffs, Durango, Colorado
Blue agave watercolor and digital imagery
canyon pool in southern Utah
Clouds over the Santa Catalina Mountains, Tucson, Arizona
Composite digital watercolor of scenes in Morocco
digital painting, aspen,Durango, Colorado
A canyon in the Harquahala Mountains, Arizona
A custom cover created for the book of the same name
digital painting of the Okvango Delta, Botswana
digital painting of Ocotillo
Digital painting of temples in Bhutan
snow in the Sonoran desert, western Arizona
digital painting. White Heron hunting
digital painting near Needles, Colorado
Digitally painted leaf from Costa Rica
digital painting of Sunset near Tucson, Arizona

I begin with a photograph of a subject that has captured my attention and emotions - and that photo usually becomes my finished art.   But sometimes my creative ideas include adding other visual elements or artistic mediums.  Using a computer enables me to add painterly effects to my photographs while still maintaining some areas of photographic detail.  I often explore all possibilities of design and composition by rearranging some of the visual elements.  I like the ambiguity of many of my images – is it a painting or a photograph?  Yes, it is both.